Whether you're the oldest, the middle child, the baby of the family or an only child, your birth order may have a bigger effect on you than you would have guessed.

Dr. Phil's Sisters Talk
Dr. Phil is the third of four children and the only boy in the family. What was it like growing up with him? All three of his sisters spill the beans on their brother.


What you never knew about Dr. Phil!


Savior or Dictator?
Jackie's family is on the brink of breaking apart because she wants to end her lifelong role as caretaker to her younger siblings and escape. Her brother and sister wish she would.



See what Dr. Phil tells this family.


Squabbling Sisters
Wanda, Lisa and Gwen are three sisters who say that no matter where they go or what they do, they always end up fighting. Now these bickering sisters insist they want to get along. Can Dr. Phil help?



View their story.


An Only Child
Growing up, Sharon says she never noticed anything different about being an only child. Now married, but without children of her own, Sharon has developed overwhelming fears of being alone.



See Dr. Phil's advice to Sharon.


How You Can Help
As mentioned on this show, Jackie's oldest brother Kent is missing. If you have any information about Kent, please call Crime Stoppers at (910) 483-8477. Kent disappeared near Hope Mills, North Carolina.



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