Dr. Phil and Robin bring the magic of the holiday season to an audience filled with families affected by Hurricane Katrina. With a little help from Santa, and a handful of celebrity guests, they share this season's hottest gifts. And for the first time, some lucky viewers at home get in on the giveaways with a surprise phone call from Dr. Phil during the show. 


"Serious Gifts"
Dr. Phil and Robin arrive in style on Santa's sleigh, and the audience gets a first peak at what's in store for them. The fun has only just begun!



"I want to start with my personal favorites," says Dr. Phil.



Electronics Bonanza
The giving gets going with some gifts so big the audience won't be able to carry them. How will they get them home? Plus, Dr. Phil introduces a favorite 'idol' who arrives with a special gift.



Bringing entertainment home.



A Girl's Best Friend?
The McGraws just keep spoiling their audience rotten. This round of gifts holds special appeal for the ladies. Nothing like a little 'bling' to brighten the season!



See the finest in silks, chocolates, crystals and cosmetics.



Gifts for the Home
Good things might come in small packages â€" but sometimes really great things come in huge packages. See the biggest gift of all. Plus a celebrity serenade from LeAnn Rhimes.



"This is one of my favorite gifts to give for the holidays."



Fun for the Whole Family
Whether you're young, young at heart, or just looking out for gifts for your kids, these gifts are sure to delight.




Get your game on.



I'll Be Home for Christmas
Harry Connick Jr. joins Dr. Phil and Robin with a special message for the survivors of Hurricane Katrina. Plus, the audience gets a final gift and meets the people who will bring it all home to them.


"If only in my dreams."