You may have heard, "If he sounds too good to be true ... he probably is too good to be true." Dr. Phil's guests say they thought they found the perfect husbands, but  that what they really found were con men who took their time, their trust — and of course — their money.



Conned by Charisma

When Sandra said, "I do," she thought she was marrying a bachelor she would spend the rest of her life with. Little did she know, he was no bachelor at all. In fact, she was about to become wife number seven.


"I loved him probably more than anybody I've ever loved."



Wife Number Six

Before he married Sandra, Ed was married to Julie. She says he spent her money on other women while they were married, and he ruined her credit so badly she was forced to file bankruptcy.


"I don't think I could ever trust a man again."



The Two Mrs. Hicks

Sandra and Julie are each coping with the situation in extreme ways. They face reality and acknowledge what they must change. Plus, a Dr. Phil producer confronts Ed Hicks.



Dr. Phil's advice for moving forward.



One Big Lie

Coni says her husband told her lie upon lie and she bought every one of them. Only after they married did she find out the truth.




Now Coni fears he's plotting revenge.



Be Prepared

Former FBI Profiler and author Candice Delong shares signs to look out for that you may be involved with a con artist, and tips on how to avoid becoming a con man's next target.



Advice: Warning signs and tips. Exclusive

After the show, the audience gets a chance to ask Dr. Phil questions.





What you didn't see.