Dr. Phil's guests say they felt compelled to marry because of fear and pressure from family, so they rushed down the aisle. Now their lifetime commitment feels like a life sentence.



Loveless Marriage

Jeff and Heather were both virgins when they started dating. When their relationship turned sexual, Heather feared judgment from her minister father, felt guilty and ran to the altar. Now their marriage is filled with conflict.


Is Heather too demanding or is Jeff not fulfilling his vows?



Wishing She Never Married

Michelle says that she had second thoughts about marrying Steve during her walk down the aisle, but she said "I do" so she wouldn't let him down. They now have heated fights, often in front of the children.


"If looks could kill, I'd be dead 1,000 times."



Future In-Laws?

Marcy and her best friend, Peggy, have spent six years plotting and planning to make their teenagers marry each other.




"They would make beautiful babies!"