If you don't believe in miracles, these stories might change your mind. Meet individuals and families who have faced tremendous barriers. See how they overcome their circumstances and what happens when Dr. Phil steps in with some miracles of his own.


Against All Odds

Gwen started life with the odds against her. Born into tragic circumstances, she was diagnosed with a life-threatening illness at age 2. But just as she appeared to be losing her battle for life, a miracle happened.

"Gwen knew that the end was near."



Making Miracles
Gwen's plan was to appear on Dr. Phil to tell her story and spread the word about organ donation. What she didn't know is that Robin and Dr. Phil have a few surprises in store for her.



A beautiful way to start a life together.



Fighting the Pain
Forty-year-old David was diagnosed with severe hemophilia when he was a baby and has miraculously been beating the odds ever since. The worst part, he says, is feeling like a burden to his family.


"I love my dad to the moon and back."



A Bountiful Christmas
Dr. Phil and Robin have a plan for David and his family that will change their lives forever.





See their incredible gifts. 



A Change for the Better
A few months ago, Kathy appeared on the show desperate to leave her verbally abusive husband. Dr. Phil said he would help her if she wanted to go.



Was she brave enough to leave?



"Believe" in Miracles
The award winning duo Brooks and Dunn joins Dr. Phil, Robin and all their special guests to sing a wonderful and meaningful song. 



"Believe," from their new album, Hillbilly Deluxe.



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