It's a new year and time for resolutions! If you're looking to put the spark back into your marriage or find the relationship of your dreams, this is your year to turn your love life around.  It's time for a love fix in 2006!



"Walking on Eggshells"

Cheryl and Jim say they've lost that "lovin' feelin'" because of their constant bickering. They argue about everything from what to watch on TV to who's going to drive the car.


How can they stop arguing and start starring in their own marriage?

Determined to Find a Man

After their appearance in Love Smart, Part 1, Janet and Noelle sat down for a candid conversation with Dr. Phil. He gave each of them a serious homework assignment.


"You two so have it going on."

Defining a Man

Janet's assignment was to read Love Smart and focus on the "character of him." Before the show, she had her own idea of the "character of him." Did it change after reading the book?


Dr. Phil puts Janet to the test.

Using Her Tools?

After reading Love Smart, Noelle goes on a blind date, and receives a new dating report card.



Has Noelle learned from her past mistakes?

Is She Really Bitter?

When Jeannie first appeared on the show, Dr. Phil put some men to the task of observing her as she talked about dating. They found her negative and bitter.  


Dr. Phil gets to the core of Jeannie's behavior.

What is She Doing Wrong?

Jo-Anne has been on over 300 dates in the last three years, but can't seem to land a man. She has revived a previous relationship, but his social calendar is so full, she wonders where she fits in.


"You are way too cute for that to be happening."

Extra Content

Read an excerpt from Love Smart, available in stores now!

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