It's the start of a new year, and the perfect time to work on those pesky resolutions that you've been putting off for so long! Dr. Phil gives his guests a jump-start by helping them eliminate unwanted old habits.



A Crash Course in Courage

Rebecca and her sister, Waleska's, fear of driving is driving their family crazy! The women are afraid to get behind the wheel, but hate being burdens on others.


Can Dr. Phil steer the sisters in the right direction?



No More ZZZs

LuAnn is always late and wonders why she can never get out the door on time. Her husband says he'd rather juggle chain saws than wake her up!



Can she put that bad habit to bed?



Clutter Crisis?

When Gail was last on the show, she thought she'd never be able to dig herself out from all the junk in her home ... until Dr. Phil gave her the surprise of a lifetime!



See Gail's amazing home makeover! 



"It's My Way or EBay!"

Jessica went on strike from picking up after her family, and auctioned off their prized possessions on eBay. So why didn't those desperate measures stick?


Can she negotiate a better outcome with her family?

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