Losing weight is an emotional as well as a physical journey. Meet three women who know this all too well. One stopped making excuses and lost weight, another can't get started but desperately needs to, and the third is dealing with the shocking results she never expected.


"One Hot Momma"

Kristine weighed 250 pounds when she finally decided to take control of her weight. With the help of Dr. Phil's books, The Ultimate Weight Solution and Self Matters, she has lost 117 pounds and is still losing.


Surprises for Kristine and her husband, who is deployed overseas. 


Dangerously Tipping the Scales

At close to 400 pounds, 25-year-old Nicole desperately wants to lose weight and look like her thin friends, Sarah and Shavon. They are scared that if she doesn't stop overeating, she's not going to live much longer.


"She just keeps on getting bigger and bigger."


"It's a Total Obsession"

Nicole's Aunt Tammy says that for Nicole, shoveling down huge amounts of food is an "accomplishment," and that dining out with her is an embarrassment. Denise, Nicole's mom, worries for her daughter's future. 


Fearing for a loved one's life.


Success Reveals a Downside

Jennifer lost 162 pounds, but the end result horrifies her. What remains is even causing her two-year marriage to suffer greatly.




Will her husband ever see his wife unclothed?


See Jennifer's new look.

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