Do you know someone who has every excuse for why he or she can't get it together? Along with Star Jones Reynolds from The View, Dr. Phil challenges his guests to take charge of their lives.



Learning to Shine

Star Jones Reynolds says the road to success wasn't an easy one. In her new book, Shine, she talks about her journey to finding love and happiness.


"I was in crisis." 


'My Life is a Mess'

Marchelle says her life has been a rollercoaster ride for the last 18 years. She's 43, has been married twice and doesn't trust herself to make wise decisions.


See what Dr. Phil has in store for her.


No Romance Without Finance

Deann believes that she won't be relationship material until she has zero debt. She says she has a lot of great qualities, but her finances make her an unattractive prospect.


What's keeping her in the red? 

Battlefield Blues

Chris thinks her macho military look scares men away. Her daily attire is fit for the battlefield: baggy clothes, no makeup and she doesn't do her hair.


Dr. Phil gives Chris the 'Star' treatment!

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Shine : A Physical, Emotional, and Spiritual Journey to Finding Love 
By Star Jones Reynolds