Your response to these mothers was overwhelming. See what happens when Dr. Phil checks in on two of his most memorable guests to-date.

Still a Raging Mom?

People are still talking about Cathy, the stressed-out mom who came on the show because she was yelling and cursing at her children.



You won't believe how her life has changed!

See how Cathy's doing one year later.



Wendy's Side of the Story
Viewers were outraged at Wendy, who called her 8-year-old daughter Melani a "fat pig." How are this mother and daughter doing today?



 See what happened when Dr. Phil invited them back on the show.



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Extra Content

  • Dr. Phil shows Wendy how to build a chart with her daughter Melani that can help to instill self-esteem. You cab build one too.
     Here's how.