Do you believe that walking under a ladder or breaking a mirror could bring years of bad luck and hardship? Believing in curses can range from inconvenience to crippling fear.


Unlucky Day?
Sarah believes that she's hexed. For the last five years, she's been plagued by what she calls "the Tuesday Curse."


Can Dr. Phil break the streak? 

The Family Curse

George is convinced he is reaping the effects of a curse put on his family years ago in Mexico. He has even put his wedding plans on hold because he fears the 'Ortiz Luck'  will cause him to divorce!


Could George be contributing to his bad luck? 

'I Feel Like a Freak'
Sharon claims her life turned ugly the day her father allegedly performed an exorcism on her at age 9. That was 26 years ago and she claims the experience allowed demons she never had to enter.


How can she get past the pain and move on?

'I Dream About Evil'
David fears his wife, Holly, may be possessed. In the same nightmare for the past seven years, she's been talking in a man's voice, barking like a dog and even speaking in tongues.


How can Holly take control of her life?

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Transpersonal Medicine
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