How can you change a racist's thinking? How can someone who has had a racist viewpoint his entire life learn to accept a biracial granddaughter? Catch up on Charlie's story.  



A New Opportunity

Charlie admitted to using the N-word and was raised to think ugly, hateful things about African-Americans. How will he do when he spends two days with a black family? 


 "My eyes are open now."



Living a Lie

Dave was raised to believe that he was white. When he found out the truth at 26, his whole life changed. In an effort to heal from the pain, he went public with his story. Now, his family wants nothing to do with him. 


 What can he do now?



Playing the Race Card?

Cene, 18, says she's proud to be mixed, but her mother accuses her of acting "too white" and not identifying enough with the side that raised her.



 Should Cene have to choose?

Extra Content

Be sure to pick up a copy of the book,
Dear Senator: A Memoir by the Daughter of Strom Thurmond
by Essie Mae Washington-Williams

  • George Wallace, Comedian-Writer
  • Essie Mae Washington-Williams
  • West Angeles Church
    Bishop Blake
  • Laugh Factory, Hollywood
    Jamie Masada, Manager
    Chris Spencer, Comedian 
  • Davis Barber Shop
    Freddie Davis, Owner
  • Doretha LeFlore
  • Annette and Frank Thomas
  • Christopher Pratt
  • LaDor Frank