What happens when you can't let go of a meaningful relationship from the past? What are the boundaries when getting in touch with an old flame while you're married? Although toying with old flames can get you burned, it can also be the spark that rekindles lost love.



Dr. Phil's Old Flame

Dr. Phil looks up his junior high school sweetheart — someone he hasn't seen in over 40 years! What does she remember about her first love?


"He was a great kisser."



Drawing the Line

It drives Susan crazy that her husband, Fred, is still friendly with his ex-girlfriends. Should a married man grab a cup of coffee with his old flame when his wife isn't invited? 



"Either take them, or take me."



Boyfriend Recycler

Suzie kept breaking up with her boyfriend and then taking him back. But the tables turned when he broke up with her because he was tired of being recycled! Now, Suzie wants her old flame back for good. 


Will she see the error of her ways?



Lost and Found Love

Lee and Helen dated in high school in 1941 before losing touch and going their separate ways. But after 62 years, Lee tracked Helen down, and it wasn't long before they realized they were perfect for each other.


"Lee and I are living a love story."

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