If you're getting a divorce, or even considering one, and you have kids, don't miss this show! Dr. Phil talks to parents embroiled in bitter custody battles, leaving their innocent children caught in the crossfire.



An Ongoing Tug of War

Scott is tired of fighting his ex-wife, Tiffany, over visitation of their two sons. Tiffany says it's hard to compromise with Scott and his new wife, Kimmy, because they don't respect her. 


Can they put their differences aside for the kids' sakes?



A Surprise Visit
Cameras followed Scott and Kimmy as they traveled for three hours to pick up the children from Tiffany's house.



"I feel heartbroken."



An Out-of-Control Father?

Angela says her ex-husband, Chris's violent past and brushes with the law have her so scared that she refuses to let him near their 7-year-old daughter.


Is it right to judge Chris by his past?