Teens from across the country ask Dr. Phil anything they want. Plus, The Dr. Phil Foundation launches an exciting campaign for children overcoming tremendous odds.


30-Year-Old Soul Mate?

Alysia, 17, wants her mother, Linda, to approve of her 30-year-old boyfriend, who's in jail with charges of domestic violence. Linda says he's going to ruin her daughter's life.


Dr. Phil's stern warning for Alysia. 

Not MySpace After All

When Alison discovered what her 15-year-old daughter, Kaylene, was posting on the Web site MySpace.com, she banned her from the site permanently.  Kaylene says she learned her lesson and wants a second chance.


Is the Internet safe for a 15-year-old?

Singing the Blues

Brittany, 14, says her family moved to Nashville to pursue her dream of becoming a singer.  But now that her parents are having marriage problems, she thinks it's all her fault.


Why does she blame herself?

Dr. Phil's Million Dollar Challenge

Dr. Phil urges the country to help bring remarkable young people the support they need to flourish in this difficult world. The McGraws gave $1,000,000 to The Dr. Phil Foundation and challenge you to match them! 


Learn about the Foundation's exciting initiatives.


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Donate to The Dr. Phil Foundation to help some remarkable kids "beat the odds."

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