How do you fix a screw-up, and more importantly, how do you know if you're about to make one?


To Tell or Not to Tell
Sarah wants to tell her kids that their biological father is a sperm donor, not her husband, Randy. But Randy, who fears losing the kids' love, thinks they don't need to know.


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Foot-in-Mouth Disease?
When Dave and Julie were on their honeymoon, Dave called his bride by his ex-wife's name. Then, he did it again one month ago.



What is Dave's explanation, and should Julie forgive him?

In the Audience
Yausmenda says she screwed up by putting her career, family and friends on hold all in the name of love. By the time she got to Atlanta, he changed his mind " and she was broke and jobless.



What was she thinking?

Something to Smile About
"I screwed up when I didn't insist on braces as a young child," says Jo Anne, who has lost 88 pounds and feels great about herself " except for her teeth.



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