Dr. Phil's guests have to win or be the first or best at everything they do— but this drive for perfection is ruining their lives and distancing them from loved ones.



Sibling Sabotage

Twins Jennifer and Judy have been one-upping each other their whole lives — 46 years — to be the prettiest, thinnest and most successful. Judy says the competition is so fierce it became the driving force behind some of her life decisions.


Do these sisters really want to stop competing?



"I Always Have to Be the Best"

Alice says her over-competitive mom, Alicia, hates to lose and even a simple game of Scrabble can become a fight to the death. She wants her mom to learn how to relax and enjoy activities without always turning them into a competition.


Is there anything Alicia won't turn into something she can win?



No Place but First

Tom believes he's right to encourage his children to be winners and to teach them that being number two is not good enough. His wife, Susan, fears their children are learning to be sore losers. 


Is Tom's drive to succeed really harming their children? 



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