Have you ever found yourself in a personal conflict with someone you thought was being bizarre? Do you think someone around you is acting unusual, and you want to know why? Dr. Phil helps his guests distinguish what's normal and what's not.


Golden-Throated Grandfather?
Lynette doesn't think it's normal that her 78-year-old father, Forrest, wants to be a country music star. He feels that his daughter is discriminating against him because he's too old.

Should Forrest give up his dream?



"I Thought She Was Going to Die"

Suzie says her husband, Steve, won't get rid of the family dog, even though it recently bit their baby girl in the face, causing a wound so severe she had to be rushed to the hospital. Suzie worries that he's choosing the dog over their child's safety.

Will Steve part with his beloved pooch?



Gift or Burden?
Karen says she can see the future, sometimes with catastrophic consequences. She wants to know if it's normal to want to warn others about their fates.


Should she alert her friends to danger — even if they don't ask?


"I Think I'm Going to be Murdered"

As far back as Stephanie can remember, she has feared being raped, kidnapped or mugged. The 22-year-old is afraid to stay home alone, and thinks she needs a babysitter. Her fiancé, Kyle, says there's no way this is normal.


What's behind Stephanie's excessive worrying?