Is money really the root of all evil? Today's guests would say so. They have spent themselves so far into debt that they have no idea how to pull themselves out. The stress is destroying their marriages and relationships with concerned loved ones.


Drowning in Debt

Deborah says she was raised with wealth and privilege and didn't expect to be flat broke and living in a trailer when she married Chris. Chris says he works as hard as he can but still can't make ends meet.


What is Chris most afraid of? And, what secret has Deborah been hiding?

Credit Card Catastrophe

Stefanie worries that her sister, Kristine, is going to go bankrupt because she spends frivolously, and then comes running to her and her husband to bail her out. Kristine admits to using her credit cards for everything — racking up $137,000 of debt — but says she has no choice.


"I just put it on my credit card and I don't think about it."