Is there an adult under your roof, eating your food and taking advantage of you financially? If yes, then you live with a moocher! It's time to stop the enabling and start the accountability.  



A Burden on Dad

Matt, 21, has no job, sleeps all day and depends on his dad for everything. His four siblings are concerned about the stress he's putting on their father. They've even gone so far as to buy Matt a place to live, but he won't choose independence. 


Can they convince their dad to cut Matt off?

Freeloading Twin

Pat, 49, says he has nothing in common with his twin brother, Mike, except for the roof over their heads. Mike is living off his inheritance money instead of finding a job and getting a place of his own, and it's starting to disrupt Pat's marriage. 


"I'm a hard-working success, and he's a freeloading mess."

The Boomerang Family

Byron and Shair needed Dr. Phil's help to get their adult children out of their home and on their own. A surprise moving van made the transition easier, but now a new moocher has moved in! Is this a special circumstance?


"Y'all don't run a boarding house!"