Can a man introduce another woman into his marriage and form a healthy, "triangular" relationship, in which he is shared by his wife and his mistress?  


An Alternative Lifestyle

For three months, Charles has been juggling a relationship with Tracy, his wife of 19 years, and another woman. He wants to explore polyfidelity and be shared by the two women.


"I can handle keeping both women fulfilled."



Innocent or Interloper?

The other woman joins the discussion over the phone. She has known Charles for 13 years and says she doesn't want to break up his family. Is polyfidelity the solution? 


Dr. Phil asks her tough questions.



Saving a Marriage

Tracy is not ready to give up on her marriage. But is Charles willing to say goodbye to his mistress to focus on fixing his marriage? Dr. Phil spells it out for Charles and Tracy.


"You need to get out of this."



See Dr. Phil's follow-up with this couple.

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