Sixteen-year-old Amanda has been missing for five months. Her parents believe she ran away with her boyfriend and what they call his "gypsy family." Dr. Phil puts his own investigator on the case to go in search of the runaway teen.


She Disappears

Amanda's parents describe the events leading up to her disappearance, and reveal startling descriptions of her boyfriend and his family.


"I won't feel whole again until I have her back."



The Search
Dr. Phil puts former FBI agent Harold Copus on the hunt for Amanda. Has she been with a band of gypsies, as her parents believe? 


A tense search with a dramatic conclusion. 


Happy Reunion?
Linda sees Amanda for the first time in months. Find out why their joyful reunion suddenly goes sour. 



"She's not the same Amanda."  



A Family Matter
Dr. Phil reunites Amanda with her father for the first time since she ran away. With so much love between them, how did their problems go so far? Dr. Phil sits down with the whole family to find out.

Find out where Amanda has been all this time.



The Meltdown
Amanda's calm behavior doesn't last long. She has an emotional episode so extreme, her father fears physical injury and security has to be called to the hotel.


What sets Amanda off?


The Boyfriend
Amanda's mother blames her daughter's defiant behavior on the influence of her boyfriend. Dr. Phil talks to George, and the family makes a tough decision about Amanda's future.


"You don't think you can manage her in the home?"

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