Do you know people who are constantly in a clutter crisis? They keep newspapers, magazines, old clothes and junk thinking those items could be useful one day. Dr. Phil goes into the minds of extreme hoarders who are embarrassing their families and destroying their homes.

"All We Have is Broken Dreams"
Nancy says her husband, John, is the worst packrat. He cluttered their home so much that they were forced to live in a trailer. John's daughter, Juliet, believes his junk has divided their family, and devastated her childhood home.

Will Nancy and John be able to live in the house again?



John's Side

John thinks his family is just overreacting to his need to hold onto junk. He says that he has a reason for keeping everything.

"I don't think I'm a hoarder."


Update: A 30-ton weight is lifted.



"Hoarding has Taken Over My Life"
Misty has been saving things as long as she can remember. Her emotional attachment to junk is ruining her home. Her husband, Greg, says he doesn't understand why she can't throw it out.



Why can't Misty part ways with her trash?

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  • Dr. Frank Lawlis