We all love food, but some of us love it too much. Reportedly, nine million Americans are morbidly obese. So when does the simple routine of eating turn deadly?



Morbidly Obese at 11?

Jazmyn weighs over 200 pounds — and she's only 11 years old. Her grandmother, Joan, complains that the little girl's own mother, Vicki, is responsible. Joan says Jazmyn eats fast food, junk food and "manly-sized" portions.


Can Jazmyn's young life be turned around?


"Food is My Drug of Choice"

At 34, Paul's food addiction has taken over his life. At nearly 1,000 pounds, he is too big to bathe himself, dress himself, or use the bathroom without help. His mom, Loretta, is terrified he will die if drastic measures aren't taken.


Has Loretta been enabling his eating habits?

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