On the outside, they seem like an all-American family, but behind closed doors is a household spinning out of control. Dr. Phil follows up with Bridgette, a self-proclaimed shopaholic, and her husband, Michael, who is a rageaholic.


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A Family in Crisis

Bridgette says she's lonely and living in hell. Her husband, Mike, is never home, and when he is, he's yelling most of the time. Her three kids feel no hope for the future.


Can this family be saved?

Permissive about Porn?

Bridgette's three children say she spoils them, and has even bought them pornography to entertain themselves when they were younger. She denies it, and says her kids are moochers who take advantage of her.  


"We knew about sex when we were 5 years old."

Leading a Double Life

Bridgette's excessive spending was covering up a much darker problem. She reveals a secret she has been hiding for 30 years.


"I am a great masquerader."