Dr. Phil sets sail to Love Smart Island with a group of single men and women who describe themselves as relationship-challenged. As they interact in a social setting, he watches closely for their biggest mistakes, and answers the often asked question "What am I doing wrong?"


Self-Sabotaging Singles?

They're beautiful and successful, but these women can't seem to find Mr. Right. Dr. Phil introduces them to three eligible, motivated bachelors to see if they meet their dream boats or if love is a sinking ship!


What are they doing wrong to meet Mr. Right?

Who Was Caught On Tape Acting Wild?

The first night on the island, the singles go to a club for some mingling, dancing and fun times. Find out who gets the party started and who makes it an early night.



Their true colors shine. 

Worst First Impressions

The bachelors reveal which two women gave the worst first impressions. Dr. Phil makes a special trip to the island to help these women stop making their biggest dating mistakes, and start "loving smart."


How to make a good first impression. 

The Bachelors Come a Knockin'

Each guy chooses a gal whom he wants to get to know better and takes her on a private date. Were there any love connections made or is a love triangle shaking things up?


"I don't know that I'm really feeling a spark." 

Three More Bachelors

Rick, John and Marty say they don't measure up to what single women are looking for in Mr. Right. Dr. Phil shares his own experience.



"I feel some of that pain, and I did alright."

The Million Dollar Question

Dr. Phil demonstrates how to show interest in a potential mate without going too far. 




"Everybody likes to be the star." 

Singles Looking For Love

Think one of the "Love Smart Island" singles is the perfect match for you? Tell us whom you want to meet and something about yourself!



Meet these great catches.



Don't miss what happens in Part 2.