These women all say their witchy ways are working for them! But their loved ones disagree.



"Sexy, Sassy Bitch"

Kristine, who used to be a "meek geek," is proud of her newfound attitude and says being a bitch gets results. But her sister, Cyndy, is concerned Kristine's anger could put her in the hospital. 


Kristine offers tips on how to be the best bitch ever.



"Miss V.I.B. (Very Important Bitch)"

Teresa says being a bitch gets her what she wants when she wants it. But she knows that if she doesn't get it under control, she may lose her family. Her husband, James, says if it weren't for their kids, he would have left a long time ago.


"She's a bitch on wheels," says James.



"Evil She-Devil"

Lois says it's good-looking, sweet-talking men who've turned her into a royal bitch. She used to weigh 318 pounds, and says since she lost the weight, men treat her like dirt, which has turned her into a she-devil.


Are the men to blame?

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