When Grant and Kelly were on the show, they ignited a huge debate over the topic of what defines a good wife. Dr. Phil checks in with the couple. How are they now?



"Kelly Still Needs Wife Lessons"

Grant has lightened up a bit on his high standards for his wife, but still sees the need for improvement everywhere he looks. Kelly says she sees disapproval written all over his face. 


When doing her best isn't good enough.

The Great Debate

Thousands of viewers wrote in, choosing sides. James says Grant is living in a fantasy, and Amy thinks Kelly is not doing her job. Will either of them change their position after hearing Grant's list of 75 requirements for wives?


"Organize closets, keep the car clean, grocery shopping ..."

The Symbol of Marriage

Grant hasn't worn his wedding ring for over a year and won't tell Kelly the truth about why. Kelly feels it's just another way for Grant to show her that he doesn't accept her.  


Can Grant let go of his anger?