Dating used to be simple. You went to the drive-in, and the big thrill was stealing a kiss. But the dating landscape is a lot different today, with advances like speed dating and Internet dating.


Against the backdrop of an old-time drive-in theater, Dr. Phil conveys a timeless message. He shows singles and couples alike how to stop loving dumb and start loving smart. 


Famous, Successful and Lonely

Dr. Phil sits down with one of America's biggest stars, a woman who's single and sick of it. Paula Abdul's extends a rare invitation inside her home ... and heart. Follow her as she chooses one lucky date from 10 bachelors hand-picked by Dr. Phil.


Who's the celebrity mystery date Dr. Phil has arranged for Paula?

The Ultimate Player

Rob juggles so many women, he says his social life could be a full-time job. After years of playing the field, he wonders if it's time to settle down. Is an emotional block keeping Rob single, or is his playboy lifestyle simply too much fun? 


See what happens when Rob's girlfriends learn the ugly truth.