Every parent thinks their children are special, but some mothers will pay any price to get their kids in the spotlight. Two moms discuss the consequences of chasing fame for their child.


Beautification or Exploitation?

Kari and Bonnie are sisters at war over Bonnie's 8-year-old daughter, Madison, competing in high-glitz beauty pageants. Bonnie encourages Madison to wear makeup, fake teeth and spray-on tans. Kari says she looks like a "20-year-old call girl."


"Beauty pageants should be outlawed."


The Next Dakota Fanning?

Ranel is convinced her 4-year-old daughter, Brooklyn, is the next Dakota Fanning, and she will stop at nothing to see her daughter's name in bright lights. Her husband says she's neglecting their 2-year-old daughter and it's putting a strain on their marriage.


"This is just ripping our family apart."


Beautiful, Talented ... and Male

Hollie says she has been criticized and bashed for putting her 6-year-old son in beauty pageants. Is she making a mistake? 


"Be aware, there is a price when you're outside the norm."