Dr. Phil shines a light on missing children. Some are taken by strangers, but more frequently a parent is the one to abduct them " too often with terrifying results.

A Mother's Loss
Michelle's ex-husband, Michael, kidnapped their two daughters a year ago and has been living on the run with them ever since. How far will Michael go to confine his girls to a lifestyle that conforms to his religious beliefs?

"This was not like any church I had ever been in." 


The Search Begins
Dr. Phil puts former FBI private investigator Harold Copus onto the search for Mollie and Allene. The trail leads Harold to a Hutterite compound where believers follow a so-called "simpler way of life," and to the compound's leader, Peter Hoover.

Did Peter advise Michael to go on the run?

See Mollie and Allene's update.

The family drama continues.

Find out how Mollie and Allene are doing now.


Into Thin Air
John came home from work one day to find his wife, Eileen, and their three kids gone. That was over 10 years ago, and he has not seen or heard from them since. Find out what happened and why his ex-wife is now on the FBI's wanted list.

Do Eileen's parents know where she is?

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Harold Copus
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Missing Children Society of Canada (MCSC)
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