Manipulative, violent, controlling, downright diabolical. These are some of the words Anna-Laura uses to describe her mother-in-law, Janice. She says Janice is forcing her husband, Morgan, to choose between his mother and his wife. What can this family do to get along with one another?



Stuck in the Middle

Anna-Laura says Janice hates her so much that she's taken a swing at her and has threatened to hire someone to kill her. Janice says her daughter-in-law lies. Where does Morgan stand on the situation?

"I looked up, and there is my mother-in-law. She pointed her finger at me and pulled the trigger."  

The Fighting Gets Heated

Anna-Laura recently filed for divorce from Morgan. Is that what she really wants? Dr. Phil has strong words for the family.



"Take another swing at me! Go ahead."

Amicable Agreement?

Dr. Phil tries to find some middle ground, especially where the children are concerned. Is he able to broker a peace?



"I'm getting ready to stop this whole thing."