Dr. Phil follows up with Charles and Tracy. After coming to the conclusion that his dream of being shared by his wife and mistress was never going to happen, did Charles follow through and end his relationship with the other woman?


Goodbye for Good?

Charles met with the other woman four times to say goodbye, but Tracy still wonders if it's really over. Charles admits saying goodbye was difficult and that he went through a mourning process.  


"The other woman was my pie. You become addicted to that sweet taste."

The Poster Child for Men Haters?

The DrPhil.com message boards were on fire in reaction to Charles and Tracy's story. Some opinionated viewers voice their take on it. Then, Dr. Phil inquires about how Tracy has changed. 


See Tracy's message to the other woman.


Cheating on the Entire Family

Charles and Tracy's oldest son, Chas, speaks out about the affair and its effect on the family. Also, Tracy wants to know if there is anything she can do to keep Charles from cheating again.  


"You can't control him. That's not your job."

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