From the mildly offensive to the downright ridiculous, you've seen full-grown adults engage in behavior that crosses the line. But where exactly is the line? When does a charming eccentricity cross over into a way of life that's inappropriate and abnormal? Dr. Phil examines the socially taboo.   


Non-Traditional Love

Margaret is in a relationship with Jen and Jen's husband, Travis. She's pregnant with Travis' baby, and both women plan to breastfeed the child. She says she absolutely loves sex and she has no problem discussing it with her kids, ages 3 to 14. 


Does talking openly about sex benefit or harm children?



Potty Mouth

Marianne is fed up with her husband, Tim's, cussing in public. Tim admits that he uses the F-word between 30 to 50 times in a five-minute conversation. Now their baby daughter has picked up her dad's favorite word.


"It's become a part of who I am," says Tim.



Wardrobe Malfunction

Kim's three kids think she dresses too sexy for a mom. They say they don't like her crop tops, her belly button ring, or how short her miniskirts are. Kim admits that she gets looks from the other soccer moms, but she likes expressing herself. 


"Crop tops are functional when you're pre-menopausal."



The Great Divide

Kelly goes crazy when shoppers don't put the grocery barrier between their groceries and hers. She thinks it's rude and inconsiderate, and has an unusual strategy to teach everyone a lesson. 


Making the world a better place, one shopper at a time?