Has anyone ever told you how to parent your child? Maybe you find it annoying ... or maybe you're afraid they're right. If your parenting is far from perfect, make sure you aren't making mistakes that are setting your child up for failure.



Good Cop, Bad Cop?

Pam is turning in her sister, Diana, for letting her 5-year-old daughter, Sydnie, scratch, kick, scream and terrorize the family. She's afraid her sister's lack of discipline is a disaster waiting to happen, and she's tired of always playing the bad cop. 


"Sydnie is wild. Sydnie is aggressive. Sydnie is out of control."



Raging Dad

Stephanie separated from her husband, Steve, because she couldn't stand the way he yelled at their children. She says his threats of "I'll beat you" are leaving their mark, and she wants it to stop. What is behind Steve's rage? 


Dr. Phil uncovers a tragic loss from Steve's past.