Domestic battles are never fun. But what happens when battling becomes a lifestyle? Today's guests want to learn how to put an end to their family feud once and for all.



Strict Stepfather

Darcy says she's tired of fighting with her military husband, Jeff, about disciplining her kids from her first marriage. She wants his inspections and interrogations of them to stop. Jeff says Darcy is too lenient.


Can the family put an end to this war?



Clashing Over Cash

Angela and Keith have accrued over $80,000 in debt, some of which while pursuing her dream of becoming a singing superstar. Keith says Angela sometimes turns into a whole other person because of her fear of financial ruin.


"I do resent Keith for not stopping me from making poor financial choices." 


Game Over?

Nicole says her husband's obsession with playing video games is tearing their marriage apart. She says he often plays late into the night and is neglecting their family.



"He calls me a lunatic, tells me to shut up and stop nagging him."