Imagine spending $25,000 in one weekend while you're $80,000 in debt. That's what Michael's shopaholic wife, Bridgette, did and her excessive spending is ruining their marriage. What started as a shopping intervention turned into a family in crisis. 


See their first appearance on the show.

The conflict and lies continue.



Behind Closed Doors

After the last show, Dr. Phil sent Bridgette and Mike home with a camera to record their candid thoughts. Find out why Bridgette believes she's taken on her husband's rage.


"I hate who I have become."


Bridgette's Relapse

Although Bridgette saw an improvement in her relationship, she admits that some disturbing news from Mike sparked another cutting episode.


"It's like I'm over the edge."



"Lauren is Totally out of Control"

Cameras were rolling when Bridgette and Mike left the house in the middle of the night to resolve an argument between their daughter, Lauren, and her live-in boyfriend.


Can this family in crisis be saved? 

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  • Cristy Lopez, Ph.D