If two people are truly in love, does anyone have the right to judge them? What if their relationship crosses moral boundaries? Dr. Phil's guests have been accused of causing turmoil and chaos in their families because of their unconventional relationships.



Failing as a Father?

Jeremy, 16, says he's so disturbed and angered by his 45-year-old father, Chuck, and his engagement, that he's moved out of the house. His father's fiancée, Michelle, is only 17 years old and she used to be Jeremy's classmate.


"I feel betrayed by my father. Michelle is tearing our family apart."


Misled Mother?

Michelle's mom, Moiasa, was shocked to learn about her daughter's relationship, and she doesn't approve of her sleeping with a man who's 28 years older. She wants her to come home. Chuck says Moiasa gave him the thumbs up.


"It really breaks my heart."


Kissing Cousins

Angela is repulsed and furious because her brother, Anthony, is engaged to their second cousin, Tosha. Anthony says he's in love with Tosha, and nothing will stop their relationship from succeeding.


"This relationship is ruining our family name."