Do you constantly have to compromise to get along with your mate? Do you feel like you have to give up a vital part of yourself to be in a relationship? Dr. Phil talks to controlling guests, and the loved ones who feel trapped by them.


"Jeffrey is the Warden"

Jeffrey hates that his new wife, Mindy, goes out clubbing with her younger friends. Mindy leaves the kids with Jeffrey's 16-year old stepdaughter, and parties until 6:00 a.m. while he works the night shift!


Can Jeffrey trust his new wife, or is the honeymoon over?



"I am Taken for Granted"

Jason claims his wife, Terrie, is lazy. He has to clean the house, do chores, take care of the kids and balance two checkbooks! Terrie says her large chest and arthritis prevent her from doing household tasks.


Can Jason get Terrie to clean up her act?