Are you experiencing irritation overload with a friend or loved one? Does he or she cause scenes in public and make you the butt of bad jokes? Dr. Phil has advice for dealing with pesky people.



Humorous or Hurtful? 

Angie says her sister, Gwen, is the most irksome person on the planet! Gwen rants, raves and flips the bird to total strangers. She even teaches Angie's 2-year-old curse words. Gwen thinks Angie needs to lighten up.


See happens when Gwen gets a taste of her own medicine!

Still a Big Mouth?

When Becky was last on the show, her daughter, Sara, complained that she swore like a drunken sailor and could be heard from miles away. Becky said she was simply opinionated, honest and blunt.


Has she been able to keep her big mouth shut?
All "Philled" Up!

Taylor and Cassidy say their mom, Suzanne's, obsession with watching Dr. Phil is driving them nuts. Suzanne doesn't think she has a problem. She just likes to relax after a hard day's work and get her "Phil"!


Will Dr. Phil get Suzanne to tune in to her daughters?

Making Control an Art Form

Michelle is a self-proclaimed control freak. She's so precise, all of her hangers have to match her clothes, and her books have to be organized by genre! Her mom, Miriam, says her nitpicking is driving her crazy.


"I am absolutely a right-fighter!"

Extra Content

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