Who's right? Who's wrong? Dr. Phil's guests are in a standoff and he settles their dispute once and for all.



Consumed with Conceiving

Heather says that her biological clock is a ticking time bomb and she wants a baby right now. Her husband, Steve, says they aren't even close to being ready for a baby.


"Her obsessing over kids is driving me insane."


Boycotting the Books

Roberta says that if her husband, Kevin, would read just one of Dr. Phil's books, they would get along better. Kevin absolutely refuses.




"There is nothing that I wouldn't do for her other than read Dr. Phil." 


Rekindling the Romance

Rita wants her husband, Jeff, to be more romantic with her. Jeff says that after eight years of marriage, he shouldn't have to sweep her off her feet.



"She thinks a 12-pack of condoms is a yearly supply."


Conflict over the Car

Rachelle says it's time for her husband, Matt, to say goodbye to his new testosterone toy and trade it in for something that the whole family can ride in. Matt says he should be able to have a car he enjoys driving.


"I think that he thinks I just love to drive my minivan." 


Big Day Dilemma

Mike says he wants to go all out with a huge bash for his wedding. His fiancée, Mary, says it's a waste of money and they should just have a small affair.



"Mary thinks $8,000 to $10,000 is too much to spend, but I think she's wrong."