How far would you go to make or save some extra cash? Dr. Phil's guests are so obsessed with money that it's controlling their lives, their decisions and their relationships.



The Ultimate Cheapskate?

Christy calls her husband, Joel, a tightwad. They never go on dates, and she says the last time she received a present from him was four years ago. She even had to buy her own wedding ring! Joel says he's just being thrifty.


Can Christy get Joel to loosen his grip on his wallet? 



Heated Over Her Sister's Career

Nichole says her sister, Amber, is so addicted to cold, hard cash that she even took a dangerous job breathing fire, and married a man for $5,000. Nichole worries that Amber's lifestyle will have a negative impact on Nichole's kids.


Can Amber end this vicious cycle? 



A No-Win Situation?

Louise wrote to Dr. Phil desperate for help because of her addiction to scratch-off lottery tickets. In the past 12 years, she estimates that she has spent $250,000, and now leads a dangerous double life.


What's behind Louise's obsession? 



Too Young to Collect Funds?

Paulette says her son, Jordan, is a money-hungry man in the making! He is 13 years old, and already taking advantage of his girlfriends' generosity.



Could Paulette be contributing to his behavior?