When you're married and looking good, you can't keep your hands off your spouse. But what happens when one of you changes physically and the feelings of attraction turn into rejection? Two husbands say their wives aren't hot enough, and another wife turns herself in.


Loathing Her Legs

Michele says her husband, Carl, is embarrassed by her looks and hates seeing her naked. Carl admits he finds Michele's legs disgusting and says surgery may be the answer. He'd like her to have sculpted thighs, thinner calves, and no cellulite.


"I would not be attracted to my wife if I had met her now." 


"I'm Never Hot Enough"

Teri has only been married for five months but admits that she asks her husband 20 times a day if she's "hot enough." She fears if she gains weight, her husband will leave her. He says her routine is getting old.


Is Teri playing with fire?  


My "Fat, Frumpy and Lazy" Wife

When Kenny married Anita seven years ago, he says she was "thin, saucy, and very sexy." Since then, she has gained almost 100 pounds. He admits that he makes rude comments to her and wishes she were 60 or 70 pounds lighter.


What's at the root of Anita's weight gain?

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