Research shows that one in three teenagers know someone their age who's been hit, kicked, or choked by their partner. Other research suggests that 98 percent of teenage girls who have been abused continue to date their abuser. Could your teen be one of them? Dr. Phil has advice for how to recognize the signs of abuse and what to do about it.



Headed for Danger?

Melody feared her daughter, Coryn, 17, was in a manipulative and abusive relationship, so she got a restraining order against her boyfriend, Brian. Coryn says Brian is a nice guy who treats her well, and when she turns 18 she's going back to him. What's Brian's side of the story?


 "I'm old enough to know what a good relationship is," says Coryn. 


Concerned for Katie

Katie says her boyfriend has choked her, pushed her to the floor, called her names and locked her out of the house. He says he loves her, and she takes him back, as soon as he apologizes. Her parents, Jack and Wendy, are scared for her life and the safety of their 7-month-old grandson.


"Part of me thinks that he might change if he got help."