No matter how silly or irrational they may seem to others, fears and phobias can take over your life. How do you overcome what terrifies you?



Frightening Film Fear

Donna says she's deathly afraid of scary movies. Her husband, Tim, wants her to get over her fear and watch them with him. Because of some horror films she has seen, Donna refuses to go to the beach, get a dog, or go camping. 


See a sneak preview of Dr. Phil's recent "scary" experience. 



Costumed Character Creeps

Justin says he's scared of people in costumes and avoids them wherever he can. He even takes off work every Halloween to avoid anyone in a mask. His wife, Leslie, says his fear gets in the way of family trips and pictures with Santa. 


Clowns, characters and mascots ... Oh my!



Alien Anxiety

Christy believes that she was abducted by aliens when she was 5, and is now convinced that they're going to come back for her or her children. Her husband, Dennis, thinks she's overdramatic and too sensitive.


Is Christy's abduction a real memory or just the media's influence?



List for Life

Phil Keoghan, host of The Amazing Race, had a near-death experience that completely changed his life when he was 19. With his "Things To Do Before I Die" list, he inspires others to face their fears and live in the now.   


Phil helps a bored stay-at-home mom try something risky!



Cold Sweat over Cotton

Amy says she has a phobia of cotton and yarn. She can't open pill bottles, get manicures, or walk anywhere near an arts and crafts aisle. Her friends like to chase her around with handfuls of the offending material, but Amy is not amused.


"If I had to jump out of a burning building into cotton, it would be a tough call."

Extra Content

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