Whether it's helping children get the emotional support and connections they need, or providing resources to assist with college education, the McGraw family and The Dr. Phil Foundation are committed to helping children in need fulfill their dreams. Dr. Phil and Robin have some surprises for people who are making a difference in children's lives. 



Extraordinary Single Mom

Elaine, 35, has been a foster mom to over 50 kids. She opens her arms to hard-to-place children, many with developmental disabilities, and gives them unconditional love and support. Elaine has dedicated her life to helping kids.


"Through my kids, I see a better world."



On Her Own

Zakiya was abandoned by her mother, and placed in foster care. Despite moving to 15 different homes and six high schools, she remained a straight-A student. Now 21, Zakiya has aged out of the foster care system and has no more help.


"I don't want to become one of the statistics."



Singing the Blues

Brandi is an inner-city teen who is passionate about music and dreams of being a singer and pianist. There aren't any after-school music programs for her to develop her skills, so Brandi volunteers for her church's music program. 


"Music is a way to escape the problems that we might be facing."



It Takes a Village

Judy's life changed after reading a news story about a kidnapped foster baby. Within hours, she began the process to become a foster parent. She didn't stop there. Judy established an entire village that supports foster families.


"The children have taught me so many important life lessons."




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