Celebrities seem to do it every day: short engagements and quick marriages. In his book, Love Smart: Find the One You Want — Fix the One You Got, Dr. Phil says everybody deserves a loving relationship, but there is a right way, a smart way, to find your Mr. or Ms. Right. Do fast engagements and marriages work, or is it a recipe for disaster?


Serial Fiancée
Darcy, 51, has been engaged seven times — once to two men simultaneously — and she can't understand why none of them is Mr. Right.


Why can't she seem to settle down? 


Rushed Romance?
Lance and Stacia knew each other only three months before marrying. Lance says that simply wasn't long enough so, within their first year of marriage, he had five affairs.


Did their quick courtship doom the marriage?


Whirlwind Wedding
Erik and Katie got married just two weeks after their first date. Katie's family was shocked, and now Katie wonders if the rift can be healed. Also, Dr. Phil runs a background check on Erik to see if he is who he says he is. 
Did Katie rush to beat her sister to the altar?



History Repeats ... and Repeats
Sandra has been engaged six times, married four times, and she's barely 30 years old.



"It was like a fairytale ending."

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