It's Ask Dr. Phil and Robin Day, and they are giving advice on EVERYTHING! From lying about age to what kind of lip gloss Robin wears, no question remains unanswered.



Lie or Embellishment?

Joan is beautiful, single and in her 60s. She says she is forced to lie about her age while dating online, because if she told the truth only men over 90 would respond to her profile.


What do men think? Dr. Phil puts Joan's theory to the test. 


Clashing over Clothing

Cristi loves to dress her 2 1/2-year-old son, Wilson, in decorative outfits, but her husband, Brian, says the clothes are too "froo-froo," and make him look like a girl. He says it's time for Cristi to get a new hobby.


Did Dr. Phil disapprove of the way Robin dressed Jay and Jordan? 


Party Mama

Melanie insists on having girls' night and is fighting for her right to come home however late she wants - sometimes 4:00 a.m. Her husband, Eric, says she's out way too late and should be home with him and their daughters.


"Nothing good happens after 2:00 a.m." 


"Devil Bike"

Lillian says her son, George, is a wild driver and has no regard for safety when it comes to riding his new motorcycle. So, she hid the keys and refuses to give them back.


Will George ever get to ride his bike again?


Does Dr. Phil Know Everything?

One viewer writes in asking a question only Robin can answer.




"Do I ever have an answer for you."


Long-Lasting Lips

A viewer wants to know the brand of lip gloss Robin wears, because she sees that it stays on for the entire show. "I use Laura Mercier," Robin says, noting she has worn it for 15 years. "It is my favorite." Everyone in the audience gets a tube. Exclusive

After the show, Dr. Phil and Robin answer questions from the audience.



What you didn't see.

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