Parenting is a tough job, especially when Mom and Dad don't agree on how many kids to have, how to raise them and how to get them to sleep. Baby battles take today's guests from the courtroom to the roof top.



Roe v. Wade for Men

Matt was ordered to pay child support for the baby he had with his ex-girlfriend, even though he told her he didn't want to be a father, and she said she couldn't get pregnant. He filed a lawsuit seeking legal rights for men when it comes to having kids.


Should men be able to opt out of fatherhood? See the heated debate?


Closed for Baby Business?

Dan says he wants his wife, Lisa, to have just one more child. Lisa, who's been pregnant on and off for 11 years, says four is enough!



"I just like the chaos." 



Husband on Strike

James says he's on strike from all husbandly duties until his wife, Valentina, agrees to stop bringing their kids to bed and starts paying more attention to him. Valentina says he can stay on the roof as long as he wants.


"I am speaking on behalf of all husbands who suffer in silence." 



Battle at Bedtime

Ali says he's ready to let his 10-month-old son cry it out during the middle of the night when he wakes up, but his wife, Iram, says she can't do that to her little angel, so she brings him to their bed.  


Will a visit from the "Sleep Lady" help this couple get some rest? 



Surprise for the Families

At the end of the show, Dr. Phil surprises his guests with an exciting way to spend some time together. He sends all the families on a fabulous vacation!  



Learn more about where the families will go. Exclusive

After Matt discusses his lawsuit, the audience has a lot to say.




What you didn't see.

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