They take your last dollar. They leave your gas tank on empty. They suck you dry financially and emotionally. They're the adult children who won't leave your house — otherwise known as moochers! These families turn in their resident freeloaders.



"A Spoiled, Unmotivated Brat"

Earl and Regina say that their 22-year-old son, Derek, is costing them over $2,100 a month. They say he has no job, no motivation, and no respect. Derek says his parents are pushovers and all they have to do is say no.


"I mooch because they let me."

"The King of the Moochers"

Adele says she's sick of seeing her 25-year-old son, Ryan, sit on her couch all day. She says Ryan demands food, lies to her about working, and has ruined her financially. Ryan says his blue eyes can get him whatever he wants.


See what happens when Ryan has to work for a day!